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Arnimedes (Windows version)

Arnimedes V1.0     175k

Arnimedes V1.01    176k

Arnimedes V1.02    215k

Arnimedes (DOS version)

 Arnimedes V0.8a      192k

 Some snapshots with MIDI-settings (only for DOS version)       123k


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 720 Degrees

 Ace Of Aces


 Bard's Tale


 Bomb Jack 2
Bomb Jack 2

 Carrier Command


 Castle Master


 Combat School


 Death Stalker

 Dragons Lair



 Enduro Racer
Bomb Jack 2



 Ghosts 'n Goblins


 Grand Prix Simulator


 IK +




 Rainbow Islands



 Rodeo Games
Rodeo Games

 Saboteur 2




 Spy vs Spy 3
Spy Vs Spy 3



 Thing bounces back
Thing Bounces