Starting out in the guild

You start in the guild of Anroburg where the game greets you with this screen:

If this screenshot is
        not showing, try Options->Refresh in the help menu

The game window comprises four primary areas:
  1. Graphics area - Displays the current location, a group of monsters while in combat or the city or dungeon you are in.

  2. Gumps / Spell icons - If you cast beneficial spells with long-lasting effects, a small icon will show up here.

  3. Text area - Displays all the interactions like choosing options, fighting monsters and talking to NPCs.

  4. Character info - Short information about the characters you control plus the optional Special NPC character that might travel with you. See the appendix for State, AC, Hits/Cond, SpPt and Cla

In the guild you have the following options:

Character creation

Press ‘C’ in the guild to generate a new character. If there are 6 characters in your party, you have to delete one of them or move a character into the Roster. The character creation involves the following steps:

Controlling the party

Outside the guild, you might control your party with the following keys:
If this screenshot is not showing, try Options->Refresh
      in the help menu

First there are race and class, followed by state and attributes.
Experience: The experience points the character has earned in combat or by completing quests. If the character gained enough experience points, he or she might advance a level in the guild.
Level: Every time you advance your characters, their level increases by one.
Gold: Your hard earned cash.
Spell Points: Only for magical classes: This is the maximum number of spell points your character can have. Spell Points will go up every level the character advances.
Finally, there is an overview showing the maximum level of spells for each magic class the character can cast. If a character has a level of 7 at all four classes, this will be a true archmage, knowing every spell in the game.
Press P to give all the gold in the party to the selected character. You may select any other character by pressing 1..6. Pressing Space brings up the inventory for this character:

If this
      screenshot is not showing, try Options->Refresh in the help
Every character may hold up to 10 items. Notice the colors:
- Ironmark has equipped and used the torch, so it is now burning. Items in use are displayed in blue.
- The wooden shield and helm are equipped, meaning they will be used in combat and actively decreasing Ironmarks AC. Equipped items show up in green.
- Ironmarks pair of leather gloves is not equipped. He is just holding them, so they are displayed in black.
- Finally, Ironmark holds a thieves amulet which he cannot equip or use because he is a warrior, not a thief. Unusable items are shown in red.

In the inventory screen of the character, you have these options: (Note: When asked for an item number use keys 1..9 and 0 for item number 10!)
All items are classified by type. Individual characters can hold multiple items of a type but they may equip only one item of each type.
Item types include Armor, Weapons, Shields, Helmets, Gloves, Rings, Boots, Amulets, Wands, Quest Items and Light Sources.

Finding your way

Every time you leave the guild it will be early morning. This will help your party when you just created it as in the nighttime you will encounter more evil creatures in the city of Anroburg.
Your first step should be to map the city. Take note where the buildings are. You will find some special places:

If this screenshot
          is not showing, try Options->Refresh in the help menu

While walking around in the city of Anroburg or in dungeons you will meet some unpleasant residents of Eodora: The products of evil magery, left to the harsh nature of these lands.
The battles are turn-based. In each round you select an option of every character that isn't dead, paralyzed or stones:





AC: Armor class. By finding and equipping armor parts or using high level spells, you can decrease the AC of your characters. A lower AC makes it more difficult to hit the character. But beware: High level monsters in later dungeons can easily smash through low ACs, so always be sure to look for better armor. New characters start with an AC of 10.

Hits/Cond: "Hits" reflects the maximum condition the character can have. "Cond" shows the number of damage points the character can take before he or she dies. There are some ways to regenerate lost condition. First, you can visit the shrine and heal your character for some gold coins. Then, if your mages are powerful enough, you might heal party members with magic. And maybe you will find some others ways in your travels...

SpPt: Spell Points. All spells your characters are casting, will cost some amount of Spell Points. If the number of Spell Points needed is greater than the required points for the spell you want to cast, you cannot cast the spell. But again, you might visit the shrine to fill them up for some hard-earned gold. If you are patient enough, you might also wander around in the city at daytime. This will recharge Spell Points very slowly. The maximum number of Spell Points a character might get can be seen in the character overview.

Cla: This shows the class you have chosen for this character.